10 things you can do to improve your health and lifestyle in 10 minutes?

In past years I have allowed myself the excuse of not exercising; it’s too cold, it’s snowing, I don’t want to put all those layers on, etc.  The bottom line We can talk ourselves into and out of absolutely anything!  This year talk yourself into doing things that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Walk 10 minutes a day extra.  Forget about what you already do in your daily routine.  Add 10 minutes every day of moving more.
  • If it is too cold, hot, raining, snowing, etc. outside, set a timer on your stove and walk around the inside of your home for 10 minutes.  If you have a set of stairs or one stair go up and down alternating feet.
  • Sit down and plan what you will have to eat for the rest of the day.  Be sure you are including some healthy choices.
  • Drink 2 full glasses of water.  Just plain water . (ice is OK if you like it, even lemon or cucumber or a slice of orange, but nothing sweet).
  • Write a gratitude journal.  What is good in your life?  What and who do you appreciate?  Why?
  • Call or email (not a forward message) someone you haven’t spoken to lately.  Let them know you have been thinking about them.
  • Read through some healthy recipes.  Find one that looks appealing.  Print out or write down the ingredients.  Set a time to make it.
  • Sit quietly and pray, meditate or just appreciate nature.
  • Make a list of the things you know you could be doing to improve your health/ life that you are not doing?  Plan to work on 1.  Contact me if you would like help Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach www.metamorphosisbodymindspirit.com
  • Eat a fresh fruit or vegetable.  Eat it slowly.  Mindful eating.