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If you missed the schedule class don’t worry. Schedule a time that is convenient for you. Private or group class. A Private class is $50. Schedule a Group Class of 2 or more people for $30 per person. I will give you the 21 page packet which includes recipes with a list of the ingredients you will need (all real food) and an explanation of the health benefits they provide. I will explain all the information and you can start the detox/cleanse anytime that is convenient for you in your own home.

If you are like most people you have a little extra fluff, feel bloated, are lacking energy and want to get your healthy back!!

I want to reclaim my “healthy”. I have been a bit more sluggish even though I am a pretty healthy eater. After all, I am a Certified Nutritional Health Coach. I follow the 80/20 Rule most of the time. During these last few months I have been leaning more towards 70/30 (70% healthy eating and 30% not so healthy).

I like to do a Detox/Cleanse every 3 months (seasonally).   I was down 5 lbs. in less than a week when I did my last cleanse. If you slip up during a meal get right back on track the very next meal. Don’t skip a meal! Sometimes you might feel like taking a nap in the afternoon after lunch. Not after a detox cleanse!!  It gives you a kick start to getting your “healthy” back.

My Metamorphosis Body, Mind and Spirit 3 Day Detox Cleanse is a 14 page packet with a shopping list, pictures, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 3 days. The packet and the class are only $25 per person for a GROUP of 2 or more or $50 for a Private Class. You will be here for about an hour. I will guide you through a simple 3-day cleanse of fresh, seasonal foods that will:
* get rid of bloat
* toxins
* a few pounds
* clear your skin
* balance your mood
* You will feel more energy

No more procrastination! It’s time to get “your healthy on” and reclaim your body.
Real Food. Real Healthy! No powders, no chemicals or products to buy just real food from your grocery store.



Not only will I give you helpful tips and guide you through the cleanse you will also get a grocery shopping list of all the ingredients and recipes to make everything simple. I will give you handouts for exactly what to eat and drink and how to prepare everything for all 3 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is what people are saying about the Workshop: “Yummy!” “You made it so easy for me. This is exactly what I needed ‘telling me exactly what to eat and what not to and a shopping guide!’ “The food is so delicious!” “I lost 2.4 lbs and will continue with this way of eating.” “I feel good.” Laura

All this for only $25.00 per person. Register by emailing me or call me 203-929-9414.
Choose a date/time that works best for you or the above listed date January 9, 2017 at 6:30 PM. If the dates listed don’t work for you send me an email and we will find a date that will work.

Workshop Date Options:

Make an appointment.  Allow yourself about 90 minutes.  I will explain how to do the detox/cleanse and prepare one of the meals for you to enjoy during your class.

Or send me a check for $20.00 and I will email the 14 page packet with directions and recipes to you.
I have lead several workshops all with great success. Ask me about a date and time that would work for you.

If you can not attend the workshop but would like the 14 page booklet emailed to you as an attachment mail me a check for $20.00

Metamorphosis Body Mind Spirit
32 Woodfield Dr.
Shelton, CT 06484


Cost: Only $25.00 per person for a Group of 2 or more or $50 per person for a Private Class.

If you are not local but would like the 14 page packet with recipes, directions and shopping list. I will be happy to email it to you as an attachement. What have you got to lose? bloat, toxins, a few pounds.

Please tell your friends, family and co-workers

I had to chuckle a little. One person asked me if this detox/cleanse is an enema or just drinking juices. No, it is not! It is real food that you buy from your grocery store with recipes, shopping lists and pictures all included. And an explanation of what each food will do for you.
This is an example of one of the meals you will enjoy during your 3 day Cleanse. I will give you the recipe.

Spring Summer Detox Cleanse

To your vibrant health and happiness!